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Ubs Case Study Interview Question

I have a first round SONRU video interview with UBS for a 2018 IBD summer analyst position. I've done the Goldman and JP video interviews so I'm somewhat familiar with the setup, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience/insight to offer into UBS' system? Thanks!

UBS Video Interview

The UBS SONRU video interview consists of approximately 8 questions. Candidates receive 45 seconds to prepare (adjust the camera, light etc) at the beginning and then 2 minutes to record each question with three minutes to answer why you want to work at UBS. There is not time to prepare between the quetsions once the interview starts.

SONRU Video Interview Questions

@pulululu notes

Interview consists of standard behavioral questions

@treeman noted that the interview was:

Seven questions, four of which were behavioral (favorite leadership experience etc.), two light technicals (walk me through a DCF etc.), and then two minutes at the end to say whatever you want.

@InvestmentBankHopeful interviewed for the technology division and received these questions:

  1. Why UBS? What differentiates UBS? What interested you? (3 minutes)
  2. How do you keep up with current industry?
  3. What's the role of IT in a global bank?
  4. Tell me about a time when you had to explain complicated things to someone with little knowledge
  5. Tell me about a time when you worked towards an important deadline
  6. Tell me about a time when you worked with little guidance
  7. What are the challenges of the IT department?
  8. Any further comments

How to answer "Why this..." Questions

Why do you want to do finance or investment banking? Why this firm? Why are you a good fit? Research the firm beforehand - what their "About Page" focuses on, what values and principles they abide by. Tailor these answers for each firm or industry and practice them.

Example Why UBS? Answer

I first became interested in UBS when attending an informational session at XYZ school. There I spoke with an alumni about the Wealth Management Group and the Graduate Talent Rotational Program (GTP). After expressing an interest in the rotational nature of the GTP, she put me in touch with a few other alumni in the group who, after connecting, invited me to visit the NYC office. Overall, I really connected with the collegial nature of the firm and UBS' focus on the client which has led me want to really want to work/intern with the firm.

How to answer: "Tell me about a time..." Questions

These are the questions they ask when they want to know about your leadership, or dealing with a difficult client, or persuading someone, etc. Here the trick is to answer the right question. For every question, map out the story using the SOAR framework. Describe the Situation (10-15 seconds), Obstacle (10-15s), Action (60-75s), and Result (15-30s). Stories for these questions should be 1.5-2 minutes long and focus only on what's important.

As digitial interviews increase in popularity - review guides to the J.P. Morgan, Barclays, BlackRock video interviews.

Preparing for investment banking interviews?

The WSO investment banking interview course is designed by countless professionals with real world experience, tailored to people aspiring to break into the industry. This guide will help you learn how to answer these questions and many, many more.

Investment Banking Interview Course Here

We get it. Interviews can be intimidating (especially when it’s on video). We want you to do your best, so we've put together our strongest tips for you to stand out in all the right ways.

  1. Be authentic
    We want to see the real you, so use this time to show us. Answer the questions as if you were in front of the interviewer in person and just be yourself.
  2. Come prepared
    It stands out when someone does their homework. Think about what might be asked in advance. You want to spend your time answering the questions, not thinking them through.
  3. Convey what's most important
    Think about who you are and what you want us to know about you. What should we remember about you after the interview is over? Write these things down and tie your answers back to them.
  4. Dress appropriately
    We'll be treating this just like a standard interview and hope you will too. Make sure to reflect your most professional self. Consider your posture and how you project yourself and match them as you would if you were meeting with us in person.
  5. Look into the camera – not at the screen
    Eye contact is important. This will be our first impression of you, so establishing a personal connection can go a long way.
  6. Take a deep breath
    It's normal to be nervous. Most people feel the same way as you do! Take a moment to calm your nerves before starting. You want to appear confident, engaging and prepared.
  7. Not a finance guru? No problem
    We're not expecting you to be. We're here to grow with you. Focus on your strengths. If you share a passion for the industry, let us know.
  8. Delete the distractions
    Look around. Would anything in the background be distracting to you speaking, or to us when viewing? Find a quiet place and try to tame down any tendency to fidget in your chair or with your hands. We want the focus to be on you.
  9. Test it out
    Can we hear you? Can we see you? If possible, do a test run, or two, to make sure everything is working correctly (sound, video, lighting, camera angle). We don't want anything to throw you off your game.
  10. Turn your experiences into takeaways
    Be able to speak to what's on your resume, how you learned from it, and relate it to what we're looking for. Why you, why us? Understand what you have to offer, and let us know why we're a good fit for you.

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