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Spanish American War Essay Topics

The Spanish-American War started in April of 1898 and ended in August of 1898 by December the Treaty of Paris had been signed by both Spain and the United States.

In 1868 the Cubans revolt, starting a thirty year struggle for Independence from Spain. This revolt only lasts ten years.

In 1893 the World's Columbian Exposition was held, garnering interest in America. This is where Frederick Jackson Turner gave his Frontier Thesis speech. During this time period ment like Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge are pushing for expansion outside of the United States.

In 1895 Cubans again take up arms against Spain. Newspapers report on the atrocities committed by the Spanish towards the Cubans, garnering public sympathy from Americans.

On February 15th, 1898, the U.S.S. Maine explodes in Havana Harbor killing the 270 people aboard the ship. To this day historians are unsure as to what caused the U.S.S. Maine to explode, however newspapers printed stories blaming Spain which raised the American public's ire against Spain.

The war ends December of 1898 between Spain and America. America recieves control of Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Phillipines, however, fighting in the Phillipines does not end until 1902.

13 Possible Topics For An Essay On The Spanish-American War

You will be required to write a lot of essays in college and therefore, it is important to get the right skills for finding a research paper topic. The unfortunate thing is that not all topics that you may want to write on may be that easy. It gets more difficult when there aren’t enough materials for your research on a given topic. There are times when your instructor will choose a topic for you. One such topic that you may be required to write on is on the Spanish-American War. Choosing a subtopic on this topic can be quite challenging especially if you have no background information. However, you do not have to mind as we have created for you a list of topics that you may be interested in writing on. Here are 13 topics that you can choose one from.

  1. What are the factors that resulted to the conflict between insurrectos(Cuban Nationalists and Spain in 1895?
  2. What was the goal of the Spanish American War? Was this achieved?
  3. How was the opinion of the public manipulated by yellow journalism? What caused the press of the day such as Hearst to do this kind of journalism?
  4. What caused the explosion of the USS Maine?
  5. What caused the Congress to make the Teller Amendment?
  6. The 1898 America imperialist after taking of 4 colonies: Did this represent the start of a new trend?
  7. What was the single biggest factors that resulted in the hugest number of US deaths that occurred during the war?
  8. Why did the United States annex the Philippines under the Paris Treaty?
  9. What caused William Jennings Bryan who was a democrat to help the Paris Treaty which was being pushed by the republicans to pass in the 1899 senate?
  10. What caused the Filipinos to revolt against the American regime?
  11. What was the role of Emilio Aguinaldo in the revolt by the Filipinos
  12. Was the Spanish American war good for the Americans?
  13. Did the United States have a right to declare war on Spain in 1898?

Remember that when choosing a topic the most important thing is to choose one that interests you. It is also important to begin by familiarizing yourself with the Spanish American War to ensure that you have a good grasp of the topic. For more topic ideas, you can try this site.

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